Rambo Ionic Hock Boot

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Rambo Ionic Hock Boot.

Features & Fabric:

  • Soft supportive Hock boot for use in the stable incorporating all the benefits of Rambo Ionic Technology. 
  • Ionic technology promotes circulation due to release of negative ions that are absorbed by the blood stream to react with water molecules.
  • This stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage leading to a reduction in inflammation, pain, swelling, and improved recovery and repair of cells and tissues in the lower limb through adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood. 
Introduce horses to Rambo Ionic slowly, 30-60mins under supervision for the first few days, then 1-3hours with regular checks for a few more days, after that overnight use should be fine. Ensure the boot is fastened correctly and comfortable for your horse. 

Sold as a pair.