Rambo Ionic Wraps

Rambo Ionic Wraps

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Rambo Ionic Wraps are not just ordinary stable wraps.

Features & Fabric:

  • Polycotton outer with Tourmaline printed inner that releases negative ions 
  • 400g fibrefill for substance and support.  
  • Use these wraps under bandages to give you all the benefits of Rambo Ionic technology.
  • Negative ions are absorbed through the skin into the blood stream where they react with positive water molecules in the blood. This reaction creates a spiral effect, stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Benefits of improved circulation and lymphatic drainage can include: relaxed muscles, reduction of stiffness in muscles and joints, reduction in pain and inflammation and a feeling of well-being.

Available in sizes Full (Height 40cm, Width 55cm) or ExtraFull (Height 45cm, Width 60cm) in Black.

Sold as a pair.

Phillip Dutton, Olympic Gold Medallist Eventer, "The Rambo Ionic blanket and wraps have become a daily necessity at the barn. I see a big difference when using the leg wraps with horses that are stall-bound and have issues with stocking up overnight due to lack of mobility. Quick and easy to use. I have incorporated the blanket for horses in heavy work. Anything that aids circulation and helps to remove toxins from muscles, particularly after a hard work out, is a must have for our horses.  My horses love Rambo Ionic, and come out the next day after hard work feeling great."