Rambo Airmax Cooler w/Logo

Rambo Airmax Cooler w/Logo

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This is an excellent multi use rug. It can be used for travel, shows and in the stable. It creates an airspace above the horse which insulates it against the cold but allows the water vapour/sweat to move very quickly away from the body.

The material is made of three layers, the outer smooth layer to prevent shavings sticking to it and the inner fabric is a soft mesh which wicks the moisture away while keeping your horse comfortable. Between these two layers are strands of polyester which have a memory function to keep the two layers apart creating an airspace between them. This allows the water to disperse quickly and promote optimum temperature.

We have found this rug is particularly useful for horses who need to travel in hot weather as it actually helps remove sweat and keep the horse cooler than any other sheet, or indeed, without a sheet!

Colour: Black with Pale Grey or Silver with Blue & Aqua

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