Sportz-Vibe Vibrating Panel - Horse

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Additional vibrating panel for the Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy rug for Horses.

If you would like to purchase extra panels to be able to massage your horse fully in one treatment, please buy 2 panels, a splitter cable and battery controller so that you can set up your rug properly.  Each battery controller will connect to one splitter cable which will connect to a maximum of 4 panels.

Your Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy rug will come with 4 panels, a splitter cable, charger and battery controller. The rug has pockets located at key areas across the body and neck to move panels around to treat those areas.

  • Remove all electronics.
  • Close any Velcro straps on the item prior to wash.
  • Close any non-removable surcingles if present.
  • Follow care label.
  • Maximum 30 degree gentle wash or cold hose (not pressure wash) and lightly brush off worst of the dirt. Hard brushing may damage waterproof membranes or delicate material.
  • We recommend using Rambo Rug Wash or Nikwax Rug Wash if plain water just won’t do it!
  • Dry away from a direct source of heat.
  • Electronics should be charged regularly regardless of usage in order to maintain charging ability.
  • Treat electronics with care to increase life span.
  • Keep electronics out of direct sunlight for long periods.
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