Pony Rugs

Pony Rugs

Horseware Pony rugs, choose from turnouts and coolers.  Please note these are a specific Horseware Pony pattern of fit. There are other rugs in Horseware's range that go down to 'pony' sizes but are actually just smaller sizes of the standard rug pattern. For example, a Horseware Pony Liner in 5'6 will fit differently to a Horseware Liner 5'6. Same length applies, fit over the body will change.
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Amigo Pony Plus Lite Turnout 0g
Regular price $159.99
  • Origami W/Teal
Amigo Jersey Cooler Pony
Regular price $69.99
  • Origami W/Teal
Amigo Bravo 12 Pony Plus Lite
Regular price $189.99
  • Navy W/Red/Blue
Rhino Pony Wug Turnout Lite 0g
Regular price $149.99
  • Black w/ Grey & White Check
Amigo Pony Plus Turnout 50g Disc Front
Regular price $149.99
  • Black W/ Teal/Silver Check
Amigo Hero6 Petite Plus Turnout 0g
Regular price $134.99
  • Navy with Navy/Gold
Amigo Bravo 12 Pony Plus Lite
Regular price $189.99
  • Purple w/Aqua/Navy
Amigo Pony Bug Rug Vamoose
Regular price $169.99
  • Horse Print
Amigo Petite Bug Rug
Regular price $89.95
  • Silver w/Navy

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