Rambo Horse Rugs from Horseware Australia


Rambo Turnouts are made from super strong Ballistic Nylon. It is the stuff they make bullet proof vests from; you can't get much tougher than that! The special structure of nylon allows our Aquatrans coating to bond to the nylon ensuring the coating will remain waterproof and breathable for much longer when compared to other materials such as polyester. 

That's why we can give you a THREE YEAR WATERPROOF GUARANTEE. 


The horse's field or stable mate is probably the rug's greatest enemy. The smooth, shiny nature of the surface of Ballistic Nylon makes it very difficult for the horse to grab/tear the rug. Horseware is the only company to use this fabric in the manufacture of rugs.

Weight for weight, denier for denier
Ballistic Nylon is much stronger than polyester

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