Amigo Deluxe Bridle

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The Amigo® Deluxe Bridle from Horseware® Ireland is designed to minimise pressure on your horse’s poll and encourage a better head carriage.

Colour: Black or Brown

Size: Pony | Cob (Small Horse) | Full (Standard Horse) | ExtraFull (Large Horse)

  • The fully integrated and padded single crown is ergonomically shaped to contour behind your horse’s ears.
  • The throatlash is also ergonomically angled to hold the bridle in a comfortable position, and the noseband is shaped and angled for comfort.
  • Intricate fancy stitching embellishes the fully padded brow and noseband.
  • Made from beautifully supple, vegetable tanned leather with a soft feel and rich colour, this bridle is styled with hook stud ends, nickel-plated hardware and comes with rubber reins
  Pony  Small Horse  Standard Horse  Large Horse 
Head piece  44cm  46cm 48cm 53cm
Cheek piece  18cm 22cm 25cm 28cm
Browband  35cm 39cm 43cm 47cm
Noseband head piece  74cm 82cm 85cm 93cm
Noseband  59cm 66cm 70cm 74cm
Lip strap  49cm 53cm 55cm 61cm
Reins  128cm 127cm 137cm 173cm


All measurements for bridles are taken from centre hole, reins are measured from bit to buckle.