Amigo XL Bug Rug DiscFront

Amigo XL Bug Rug DiscFront

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Big In Size And Quality.

The Amigo® XL Bug Rug is especially designed broader and deeper for the bigger build horse. Polyester mesh rug offering good protection at excellent value. Don't let the type of yarn fool you, this is a cool airy rug for your big horses.


Durable close woven 1000D polyester to prevent irritation from flies. Material is super soft, comfortable and made to last for many seasons. Offers maximum breathability and UV protection.



  • Disc front closure
  • Surefit neck design
  • Leg arches
  • Cross-over  surcingles and extended belly protection
  • Silky shoulder and mane lining to avoid rubbing
  • Supersized tail flap with silky lining and tail strap


  • Follow care label.
  • Close any Velcro attachments or straps on the item prior to wash.
  • Close any surcingles or if they are removable, take them off prior to wash.
  • Maximum 30 degree gentle wash, or cold hose (not pressure wash) and lightly brush off worst of the dirt. Hard brushing may damage waterproof membranes or delicate material.
  • We recommend using Rambo Rug Wash or Nikwax Rug Wash if plain water just won’t do it!
  • Dry away from a direct source of heat.