Curragh Carron Oil

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Curragh Carron Oil is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in Horses Feed – it has a role in maintaining a normal healthy skin and coat, reducing acidity in the stomach, and is also a source of extra energy for animals.

It's a linseed based oil so has the best omegas balance for your horse, combined along with a digestive aid. This means that it also helps gastric disturbances. And fussy eaters will love it!

If you require a pump to dispense the oil, please request this in the Notes to Seller box when viewing your shopping cart. Where possible please re-use your pump so we are not wasting unnecessary plastic in these more environmentally sensitive times! 

Instructions for proper use

Add Curragh Carron Oil to the normal feed ration.

  • All horses: Add 60ml. to a minimum of 1kg of the normal feed
    • Increase to 90ml-120ml for horses in medium to hard work or who are not doing as well as you would like
  • Ponies and foals: Add 30ml. to a minimum of ½ kg of the normal feed.
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • For animal consumption only
  • Keep out of reach of children

Available in sizes 4.5L and 20L.

Linseed oil, Calcium hydroxide, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate.
Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein <0.10%, Crude Oil 41.7%, Crude Fibre 1.2%, Crude Ash 0.2%, Moisture 58.5%, Sodium <0.01%
Linolenic (Omega 3) 233.28 g/ltr, Linoleic (Omega 6) 69.12 g/ltr, Palmitic 21.17 g/ltr, Stearic 15.55 g/ltr, Oleic (Omega 9) 90.72 g/ltr