Mio Bridle

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Colour: Black or Brown

Size: Pony | Cob (Small Horse) | Full (Standard Horse) | ExtraFull (Large Horse)

Our Value for Money Bridle!


  • Padded noseband and browband
  • Includes rubber reins
  • Comes with a fully detachable flash strap 
  • Has an excellent finish and its made form Eco-friendly leather
  Pony  Small Horse  Standard Horse  Large Horse 
Head piece  42cm 41cm 47cm 56cm
Cheek piece  18cm 21cn 24cm 28cm
Browband  36cm 44cm 44cm 47cm
Noseband head piece  71cm 83cm 88cm 97cm
Noseband  58cm 63cm 69cm 76cm
Lip strap  51cm 55cm 66cm 63cm
Reins  130cm 132cm 140cm 140cm 

All measurements for bridles are taken from centre hole, reins are measured from bit to buckle.

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