Rambo GP Ear Net Custom

  • Regular price $45.00

Colour: Navy with Tan/BabyBlue, Black/Orange 

Size: Pony/Cob | Horse/Cob

The Rambo® GP Ear Net is the perfect accessory to your show attire!

  • Protect your horse from annoying flies while riding and be super smart at shows.
  • Can also help to dull passing noise for sensitive horses.
  • Perfect for you to customise with your club logo or leave plain for elegant style. 
  • This cotton crochet ear net has decorative cording with soft and stretchy ear material for complete comfort.
Match with selected products including Rambo Non-Slip Showjumping Pad, Rambo Non-Slip Dressage Pad, Rambo Pad or Rambo Padded Headcollar.