Rambo Ionic Dog Rug

Rambo Ionic Dog Rug

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Colour: Black/Black/Orange


Promoting Calmness and Well Being for your Dog

Finally we have the fantastic Rambo Ionic Therapy technology for our pets as well as us and our horses!


  • Made from a high quality and comfortable jersey fabric as the outer, and a soft moisture-wicking inner with Ionic Tourmaline printed into the fabric.
  • With the Tourmaline releasing negative ions which cause a change in the water molecules in the dog's body, increasing blood flow to important areas such as muscles.  This brings increased levels of oxygen to cells and tissues and helps to clear out toxins from the body offering therapeutic and calming effects in a smart and comfortable rug.
  • Ideal for use before exercise to prepare for work, and after, to help reduce any lactic acid build up caused by exercise.
  • Also ideal for pets with arthritis and joint issues to increase mobility and lower discomfort caused by the conditions.

Key benefits include:
- Encourages circulation
- Stimulates metabolism
- Increased oxygen delivery to cells and tissues 
- Strengthen immune system
- Restores pH balance
- Reduces blood pressure

  • Follow care label.
  • Close any Velcro attachments or straps on the item prior to wash.
  • Close any surcingles or if they are removable, take them off prior to wash.
  • Maximum 30 degree gentle wash, or cold hose (not pressure wash) and lightly brush off worst of the dirt. Hard brushing may damage waterproof membranes or delicate material.
  • We recommend using Rambo Rug Wash or Nikwax Rug Wash if plain water just won’t do it!
  • Dry away from a direct source of heat.
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