Rambo Sweetitch Hoody

Rambo Sweetitch Hoody

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Colour: Mint/Green
Fill: 0g
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The Rambo Sweetitch Hoody is not just for horses who suffer sweet-itch! It''s made from tough 1000 Denier Polyester, making it extremely strong & durable, yet fully breathable throughout the summer months and therefore one of the best paddock sheets around!

The rug has a silky mane, tail & shoulder liner to minimize the horses ability to rub. Extra deep sides and leg arches allow the rug to wrap around for added protection and coverage. With a fully integrated neck cover and Super Size Tail Flap the Rambo Sweetitch Hoody offers complete head to tail protection from biting insects.

Added bonus - it comes with a Free Fly Mask!


  • Patented features include Leg Arches and V-Front Closures for superior freedom of movement and comfort for the horse.  Leg arches allow the rug to wrap the horse freeing the shoulder accurately to move and V-Front closures increase this freedom as well as improving grazing and providing wither relief.
  • Strong tightly woven breathable polyester outer. 
  • Triple surcingles - straight not crossed. 
  • Integrated complete neck cover (with ear holes). 
  • Silky shoulder, mane and tail liner.

  • Follow care label.
  • Close any Velcro attachments or straps on the item prior to wash.
  • Close any surcingles or if they are removable, take them off prior to wash.
  • Maximum 30 degree gentle wash, or cold hose (not pressure wash) and lightly brush off worst of the dirt. Hard brushing may damage waterproof membranes or delicate material.
  • We recommend using Rambo Rug Wash or Nikwax Rug Wash if plain water just won’t do it!
  • Dry away from a direct source of heat.